What is the Canada Child Benefit

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Raising children in Canada can be a challenging task for families that lack enough financial strength. Many immigrants who first arrive in Canada experience financial problems until they get a job. Getting a decent paying job is yet another challenge that many new immigrants experience. If you find yourself in a situation that makes it difficult for you to give a better life to your children, you may consider applying for the Canada Child Benefit.

The Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is a program that gives money to qualified families as support in raising their children. This program was launched to make sure that children in Canada get a better quality of life, no matter what the financial background of their families. In 2016, the CCB was developed to replace the CCTB, NCBS, and the UCCB. The Canada Revenue Agency manages the CCB, which is a monthly, non-taxable imbursement.

To get CCB, you have first to meet certain eligibility criteria. The first requirement is that the applicant must be a resident of Canada for tax purposes. Keep in mind that it is not the same as the Canadian permanent resident that one become through the immigration process.

Many people wonder as to how much payment they may receive if they qualify for the CCB. Well, the amount can differ from one person to another, depending on how many children you have that qualify for the program, the age of the children, and the adjusted net income of your family from the preceding year.

You can calculate the estimated benefit you can get by using the Child and Family Benefits Online Calculator. The calculator will also tell you whether you can qualify for the Child Disability Benefit and the Ontario Child Benefit. Furthermore, there are many community agencies out there that can provide you with more details about the child and family benefits available in Canada.

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