Working options for international students in Canada

Before getting a student visa, you must provide substantial proof that you can fund your education in Canada. Despite this, you can use many options working options to cover your living and tuition expenses after starting your studies in Canada. Even your spouse or common-law partner can get the opportunity to work in Canada, which can help you complete your education without much difficulty. Working in Canada as a student can also help you network with people who can play an essential role in your future career.

Working off-campus

The first option for international students to work in Canada is under the off-campus work permit program. Students are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week outside the university or college campus under this program. The twenty hours of work per week is permitted only during the regular academic sessions. During scheduled breaks, you can work full time.


The second option for international students is to work under the co-op/internship program. This program is for those students who have an academic requirement to work for a certain period to complete their education successfully. The work share under this scheme can make a maximum of fifty percent of your course of study.

Working on-campus

If you are an international student studying full time in Canada and hold a valid study permit, you may be eligible to work on the campus of your university or college. You do not need to have a work permit to work on-campus. However, your university or college must be eligible under the program, no matter if it is public or private.

Keep in mind that you cannot work full time throughout your academic sessions as an international student in Canada, except under the programs explained above. You can use these options to gain work experience, which can help you land a good job if you want to stay and work in Canada after the completion of your studies.

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