Criterions of eligibility for Canadian permanent residency reviewed for foreign students


All existing overseas students in Canada will soon find some good news in their immigration process. Their eligibility criterions they need to accomplish in order for them to obtain the permanent residency will be revised. The Canadian government has made this big decision after many reported issues from students. Their biggest concern was the fact; their high salary jobs in Canada did not translated into a favorable criterion in their application for immigration.

A score-based system

That is why a score based system that awards points is needed. Through this system, all student applicants who have already finished studies in Canada are the ones that will be awarded with more points than the others.

The Universities Canada which is the membership organization of all Canadian universities has closely collaborated with the Canadian government. This, in order to better make these modifications to this express entry scheme. This organization suggested that the Canadian government should organize priorities in a more efficient way. It should give more importance to the ones which have already finished their studies in a Canadian university. Less priority to the ones with work experience. And so it has happened.

Dominic Barton, the head of Federal advisory panel and also the international Managing Director of McKinsey & Co has given his opinion on this delicate issue. He has advised that the total number of immigrants who have been approved the citizenship of Canada should be hiked by almost 50 percent in the 5 upcoming years.

Paul Davidson, president of Universities Canada also added that the real issue is that when immigrants arrive in Canada, they anticipate their stay with a student status in a Canadian university. They would and should be appropriately assessed in the process of citizenship. Something that in the last years has not been materialized.

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