Canada’s Tech Firms Capitalize On Immigration Anxiety In The Age Of Trump

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According to some latest reports,  Canadian companies are quite eager to monetize the anxiety among the immigrants and random visitors which has developed after the travel ban of US President Trump and changes in other immigration policies. The first step took by Canadian government is easing the entry of highly skilled workers into their country.

Salim Teja, vice president of Mars Discovery has stated that the Canadian government feels that there are a lot of opportunities which can lure the most brilliant workers to this country. Teja is a main incubator for tech organizations in Toronto. He further states that there is a high competition on international level to recruit the most intelligent individuals. They are offered handsome salary packages and other perks. However, the employers need to know that the best thing they can offer is a legal Visa to the workers.

Multinational Organizations

Majority of the tech related organizations are multinational, from where the talent and intellect keeps shifting from one country to another. Teja states that if travel ban by President Trump has created difficulties. Canada has a wide range of opportunities plus visa perks to direct the human labor and intellect to the country.

Organizations like Facebook, Uber and Google have already expanded themselves in Toronto. Smaller Canadian companies have reported that they have received an increasing number of job applicants from the American pool, of which they never heard before. After Trump’s victory, the increase in the applications of engineering jobs has been 30%.

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