Canadian airlines in spotlight at finance forum


June 15: The 28th Canadian Airline Investment Forum is being held at Toronto. A number of senior executives form the airlines, original equipment manufacturers, aircraft lessors and the leading aviation banks have gathered here to hold a discussion about the state of the industry and the possibility of opportunities.

Donald Gray, head of Blakes aircraft finance practice stated in his opening statement that Canada has emerged as the most favorable country to make investments. Interest has been observed within all sides of Canadian aviation, be it flight training, various airlines of aircraft manufacture.

Canada’s aviation market

Canada has also been regarded as the 8th largest aviation market in terms of revenue passenger kilometers. Joe Rohlena, the director of corporate ratings at the Fitch Ratings stated that Canadian aviation is backed up by a really strong economy and favorable travel policies. However, aviation is known to be a cyclical industry, yet Canadian airlines are placed to deal with the next downturn.

This is fairly depicted by many of the Canadian airlines, i.e. Air Canada, Canada Jetlines and others. Air Canada has been observed to have utilized various finance packages and expanded the fleet. Helen Kotsovos, the senior director of financing has stated that they continue to search for varied finance opportunities, because nothing is certain in the aviation industry.

This is why no one form of finance should be relied upon completely. It has also been discussed that an aviation industry is subject to continuous and rapid change. That is why, Canada should keep up with all these changes.

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