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Express Entry is a popular immigration program that lets people create and submit their immigration applications via an online system and be deemed as a skilled worker intending to immigrate to Canada. The system assigns points to the candidates. The candidates with highest point scores are then invited to file for permanent residency. Below are the top 4 tips to successfully immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry program.

1. Check your eligibility and create your profile immediately

First off, you need to make sure you meet the eligibility requirements for Express Entry. Make sure you are proficient in English and/or French language, are skilled, have completed your education, and have the minimum required work experience before applying filling and submitting your online profile. Be certain to create your online profile and submit it for review as soon as possible. The number of people applying for Express Entry is huge, and the space for applicants in the online system is limited.

2. Get an LMIA-based job offer

In order to ensure your success with the Express Entry, be sure to first get a job offer in Canada. There are many job offers that are made after an optimistic Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMAI). If you have got an LMAI-based job offer, you are more likely to be selected from the large group of candidates in the Express Entry system.

3. Back up your online application with documentary evidence

You would eventually be required to provide evidence about the information you have filled in your Express Entry profile. The documents would be required after the candidate has been invited to apply. Be sure to have all your documents in place prior to submitting your online profile for review. If you mentioned any false information or have made a misrepresentation in your application, you may be declared inadmissible.

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