Global Talent Stream Releases Occupations List and Further Details

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June 12: It has been reported that the Global Talent Stream has managed to establish a standard of two weeks for the processing of the work permit applications of exclusively skilled jobs. This stream which has been a fast track stream of the popular TFWP. The basic two categories of the GTS direct its attention to:

  • the rapid growth organizations
  • workers pointed out in most desirable jobs

The GTS has managed to make it a priority to process the applications of work permits. This because it is as a part of the Canada’s strategy of Global Skills. This is to supply the high—demand jobs and occupations with labor of special skills and talent from all around the world.

Government realizations?

The Government has realized that in certain sectors such as tech sector, a need arises to quickly fill a vacancy. And not always a Canadian is there to fit the job. In such a case, GTS takes a processing time of 10 days for the Labor Market Impact Assessment. And also for the processing of applications regarding the work permit from workers of who have been approved to hire through the GTS system.  Initially, this program will run on the trial period of 24 months before analyzing the results.

It is of consideration that LMIA is a document which states that the employer has not found any Canadian citizen who is able and willing to fulfill the vacancy. Once obtained, LMIA helps an employer to hire an immigrant.

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