What are the highest paying jobs in Canada right now

jobs in Canada in 2017

The highest paying jobs in Canada keep changing every year. Now, it looks like the highest paying jobs in 2018 will be in the healthcare, manufacturing, mining, and IT sectors. Below are the highest paying jobs in Canada right now:

1. Doctors and dentists

Doctors and dentists are the highest paid professionals in Canada right now. Doctors earn an average of $116,000 per year whereas dentists earn an average of $104,000 per year. The healthcare industry is expected to secure its position at the top of highest salary sectors in 2018. As the population of Canada ages, the prospect for physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals is expected to witness another boost.

2. Primary production managers

With the boom in the manufacturing sector, the average salary of primary production managers has risen and continues to rise. Today, the average salary for primary production managers is $70,000. It is worth mentioning here that production management jobs are expected to witness a rise of more than 3 percent in the next few years. If you want to try your luck in production management, Quebec and Ontario are the places to try your luck.

3. Miners and oil drillers

The average salary for miners and gas drillers ranges from $67,000 to $69,000. The demand for skilled miners and oil drillers and individuals in associated industries is huge in Canada. Even though you can find a job in mining and oil drilling in many Canadian provinces, the hubs of this industry are Alberta and Saskatchewan.

4. Registered nurses

As stated above, the healthcare sector jobs are among the highest paying jobs. Registered nurses can earn an annual average of $66,000 in Canada. Canada’s government employs the largest number of registered nurses in state-owned hospitals and healthcare facilities. Based on your experience and education, you can expect your salary to be much higher as a registered nurse.

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