Types of housing in Canada

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If you want to buy a house in Canada, you must do your research about the types of housing in the country. Keep in mind that the mortgage payment, taxes, and utility bills for the house depend on the type of accommodation. The common types of houses in Canada have been explained below:


A condominium is a type of possession that fit almost all types of homes in Canada. These are generally available in apartment buildings, but other forms of housing like a townhouse may also be constructed in the lines of a condo. When you buy a condo, it means you are purchasing the building but not the land or common space available with the condo. You would be paying monthly fees for the common area and other spaces like parking space, elevator, entrances, etc., shared between the owners of the condominiums.

Separate house

A separate or detached house is the most costly house you can buy in Canada. It is more expensive because it does not include shared spaces. Instead, you own the land on which the house is built, besides owning the peripheral area included with the house. You will have to pay the entire fees for repair and maintenance of the house on your own, besides paying the whole utility bills. And you are free to make any alterations or renovations to the house or the structures outside the house that you own.


The third type of housing available in Canada is a townhouse. It looks like a separate unit but is attached to other houses in the row. What this means is that you are sharing the walls on either side with people living in the homes connected with yours. Townhouses are typically two or three levels in height, and each level is referred to as a storey.

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